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Why Wine Lockers Are The Best Option For Wine Storage

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Wine Industry

What is exactly the best use for Wine Lockers?

Wine lockers have increased in popularity with the advent of communal wine rooms in luxury condominiums, senior living communities, and retail wine clubs. Wine Lockers are found in condos, country clubs, private dining and social clubs, and they are generally located in common areas. These awesome items provide individual storage space for the customers.

Security should be one of the top priorities in storing your bottles of wine. That is why your bottles are protected under comfy storage conditions with the secured wine lockers,

How to create the perfect wine locker design?

Lockers may be incorporated as an element into an existing wine cellar design. Also, they can comprise the entire design themselves. Wine Lockers are absolutely perfect for country clubs and restaurants. Every community in which members love to have guests over is a great place to have wine lockers. 

They can easily store their favorite wines and other spirits. Plus, sometimes you can choose to lock them using a single key or go for multiple locking options. 

You can choose from a variety of wood wine rack options to create your perfect wine locker design. Furthermore, custom stains and finishes also work to create numerous unique looks. You can go from classic and elegant to an old-country rustic charm. Or even try something more modern depending on your style preference.

They can also be used in combination with other wine racking styles for more storage options. The components can be mixed and matched to create lots of unique assemblies. Wine Lockers are available for all types of commercial wine stores and even non-wine establishments.

At Cool Wine Cellar we have a great variety of styles and finishes so you can create the perfect wine locker room for both commercial and residential purposes. Adding different styles and materials will give your project an outstanding look. We are here to help you to create a great room to share with your friends and family.