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Designing a Wine Cellar


  • Select the location in your home for your wine cellar
  • Establish your wine cellar dimensions including ceiling height, site of the wine cooling system, and the wine cellar door
  • Decide the quantity, density, or layout of wine bottles to determine your cellar capacity and design.

Design Request:

  • Call or email us the room dimensions, drawings if any, with as many dimensional and storage details as possible
  • We will discuss with you the details of your project
  • Receive Cellar design proposal from Contemporary Wine Cellar

How to Build a Wine Cellar

Building a wine cellar can be the most wonderful home improvement project.  Done correctly, the wine cellar can add value and functionality to your house.  If done incorrectly, you can do thousands of dollars of damage to your home and wine cellar.


Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Cellar Temperature Custom Wine cellar

Wine storage began in the underground caves of Europe. These caves provided consistent storage conditions that allowed the wine to age at an elegant pace. By convention, these conditions have become the standard for modern wine cellars.

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Call Us: 833-323-3130

M – F   8 AM – 6 PM CST
Sat – Sun   9 AM – 1 PM CST