Whisperkool SC Series Accessories

Contemporary Wine Cellar carries every WhisperKOOL SC Accessories part you may need. Get the most out of your WhisperKOOL Cooling System Accessories. Protect and upgrade your cooling system with these handy accessories and upgrades. Maximize performance and add beauty to your cooling system. The SC Series embodies the latest and greatest system design technologies in an all-new housing design.

The SC series can be modified to vent outdoors or to duct hot air away. Select from the different options & upgrades for your cooling unit and ensure the perfect environment to store and age your wine collections. Alternatively, for more guidelines contact our customer support center or call on our numbers to get the best support to choose the accessories.

  • Reduce or eliminate noise
  • Cover & protect your system
  • Move air between rooms
WhisperKOOL SC Accessories

SC Exterior

Housing Grille


Ducting Kit


UV-C Lightning System

Replacement Bulb


WhisperKOOL SC Accessories


Pump Kit


Room to Room Fan

WhisperKOOL SC Accessories




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