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UV-C Lighting System Replacement Bulb


This is a replacement bulb for the UV-C Lighting System that is available for the Slimline, Phantom, SC PRO, & Platinum Split (Ducted/Ductless) cooling units.


Adding UV-C lighting to a cooling unit increases overall indoor air quality while improving the performance of the unit. Specifically, the UV-C light option will protect your unit from mold and other bacterial growth.

Air handlers are particularly susceptible to microorganism growth. Fungus, mold, and bacteria can be pulled in from the cellar or outside. Once inside the unit, the organisms have a perfect place to grow due to the moisture built up in the compartment; from there, the organisms are pushed back into the cellar. Our UV-C lighting system is designed as an add-on feature that will target the buildup of these microorganisms.