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We Make It Happen – Your dream Wine Cellar this Christmas!

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Custom Wine Cellar, Residential Wine Racks, Wine Cellar, Wine Industry

We’re really rolling into the month of December, wine cellar buddies! The Christmas holidays are practically here and we’re pretty sure that means a lot of you are getting some much-needed R&R. That also means having enough time for some home improvement projects – like building your very own wine cellar. If you’re one of those considering wine cellar construction activities, then try to scroll through these wine cellar construction tips. There’s more than just one way to built yours and lots of places to build them in, too!

We Make It Happen - Your dream Wine Cellar this Christmas!

The Basement Wine Cellar

So first we start off with the most basic and of course, ideal wine cellar location – the basement. Since the basement is located at the lowest, underground section of the home, that means that existing temperature and humidity levels are also already ideal for a wine cellar project. All you need is a wine refrigeration unit with standard cooling features to keep your bottles at their peak taste for years to come. And naturally, that also means cutting down on electricity costs which is a big plus.

We Make It Happen - Your dream Wine Cellar this Christmas!

The Garage Wine Cellar

But while the basement is the ideal location for your wine cellar, who says you can’t build it in the garage? Garage wine cellars have been gaining more popularity nowadays, especially since a lot of homes actually have enough space for such a project in their garages. Of course, since the existing conditions are not like that of a basement location, you’ll need to consider the essentials such as the insulation, vapor barrier, and proper wine cooling system. Especially be careful with glass enclosed projects in garages and work carefully. But worry not because that’s what our professional wine cellar consultants are here for!

Wine cellar closets are all the rage nowadays!

The Closet Transformation

Now what if you have no basement or garage to carry out your wine cellar project in? Take for example those who live in compact residences like condos or apartments. Not to worry because you can always try a “closet transformation!” A “wine cellar closet” has also become all the rage these days thanks to wine racking products that can be utilized in just about any space. With that empty stretch of space in your wall, old broom closet, or cupboard, you can actually store a few hundred bottles or so.

Under Stairwell wine cellars can be gorgeous, too!

The Under Stairwell Transformation

And here’s another fun fact that you MUST know about – wine cellars under the stairs! That’s right – with the “under stairwell” transformation, you can even have a wine cellar in that once dusty, unused corner of your home. That spot be turned into an amazing wine cellar for your wine bottles and you’d be surprised at how many bottles you can store.

Want more wine cellar construction tips? We’re just waiting for you guys to chat us up! Poke us today and let’s get it on. ^_^