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We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Residential Wine Racks, Wine Cellar, Wine Industry, Wine Rack Kits

It’s the last We Make It Happen eppie for the month of hearts! Just how fast can time fly, wine chaps? That’s really kind of good though because it goes to show how busy and productive things are in the wine cellar biz. It’s definitely the case with both our custom and DIY projects. We’ve been getting a flood of heartwarming testimonials lately and what better way to show our thanks than to share these awesome projects with everyone. This project in particular is quite special because it’s one of the best examples of how our wine rack kits can make it happen for you, regardless of sticky space issues:

flexible wine rack kits

Our client Chad decided to turn this closet space into a spanking new wine cellar for his small collection. While the space is a bit constricted, he still wanted to spice things up a bit and make his wine cellar closet as unique as possible. But first off, he needed the right kind of racks to fit into that space which again, did not provide enough for full-depth racking. A quick tour of the Cool Wine Cellar website led him to the most suitable solution: our Winemaker Series wine racks kit.

The Winemaker Series was especially designed to meet these challenging space issues so basically, you get racks configured with shallow depths. Shallow-depth racks enable one to create secure yet space-efficient racking arrangements for wine closets and other similar set-ups. As in the case of our client Chad here, the Individual Bottle Columns with Display Row and Fixed Shelves enabled him to maximize that compact area. Now he can actually store his bottles in both individual and bulk formats! Chad also narrated how he had to tweak the racks around a bit to get the assembly to fit snugly, but everything went smoothly thanks to the flexible configurations of the racks and the aid of a trusty nail gun.

Now one other thing that really caught our attention with this project is the awesome cork paneling Chad added for his walls. Yup, those are honest-to-goodness real corks, wine folks! Here’s Chad’s very interesting story on that uber unique cork wall AND his CWC experience:


“Everything went well and I did use a nail gun to assemble the racking. I ran into some space issues once I added the oak paneling for my walls, so I ended up having to customize the racking to fit into the space.  What I did is cut down the racking on the left side and adjusted it to support 3L bottles.  Pretty cool huh? :-) The walls are lined with wine corks (over 3K) I’ve collected over the past 15 years of drinking wine. It really gives it a cool look, but also serves as a reminder of all the great wines we’ve had over the years.

I also added commercial multicolor LED light tape throughout the cellar to create different effects.  It’s pretty cool to have ten or so different colors to cycle through. As you can see below, the cellar is almost 100% complete. The only things left to do are install the AC unit, get a glass door, and fill the 3L slots with some good wine! :-) Thanks for providing me with products that allowed me to build my cellar.  It’s not as big or extravagant as I would have liked but given the space I had it’s perfect!” 

~Chad M.~

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