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This Survey Figured Out How Much Wine Millennials Drink and the Amount Is Insane

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Wine Industry, Wine Lifestyle

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Who knew so many millennials like to turn up on merlot?
According to new research as reported by Wine Spectator, millennials (a.k.a. adults between 21 and 38) did their fair share of wine drinking last year.
The age group finished off 159.6 million cases of wine in 2015, which was 42 percent (nearly half!) of all the wine consumed in the U.S. last year.

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That is more wine than what was downed by any other generation.
They’re also keeping it classy when it comes to their wine selections.


The survey, which was conducted by the Wine Market Council, says 17 percent of millennial wine drinkers shelled out the big bucks to nab a bottle of wine that was $20 or more in the past month.

Only 10 percent of all drinkers spent $20+ for a bottle in that time frame.

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Also interesting to note: Wine Spectator reports that of the younger generation that drinks wine, 50 percent of them are talking about it on Facebook.  More than a third of the millennial wine drinkers use YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to tell people about their wine habits.  Because what’s a ladies night on the town without a wine glass selfie with your best gal-pals?  And it is mostly women who are spending their nights choosing between white and red.  The research says two-thirds of high-frequency wine drinkers under the age of 30 last year were ladies.  Wine drinking evens out more among the sexes after 30.  Either wine drinking’s an acquired taste for the fellas, or they’re splitting bottles with dates as they get older, but as we’ve previously observed: few things are sexier than a hot guy drinking wine.

We don’t need a survey to tell us that.

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