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Inspiring Wine Cellar/Storage Ideas that is budget friendly

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Contemporary Wine Cellar, Custom Wine Cellar, Residential Wine Racks, Wine Cellar

So you badly want a wine cellar, but are a little tight on the budget? Well, don’t let budget constraints deprive you from building your own cellar room. We got some really useful ideas for you.

Transform your basement into a wine cellar Wine Cellar Basement

Make use of the space you have. You don’t need an entire room for your wine cellar.

So how do you turn your basement into a wine cellar?

As with any project, start with a plan. First of all, set your budget. The budget will determine how large your cellar will be, whether you only need a portion of the basement or transforming the entire area. The budget will also determine what type of wine racks you will use. You can always choose cheaper wine racks. Before you react and say “but I don’t want cheap wine racks!”, it would be worth your time to know why cheap wine racks are a good buy, and why Pine wine racks make a budget-friendly choice. We also have a couple of space-saving small wine racks for your kitchen or dining area!

Insulate properly. If an HVAC system doesn’t fit your budget, make sure the temperature is properly controlled through insulation. This has a lot to do with your geographic location, so consult a professional to assess your situation. If you’re in the southern United States, for example, Cravotta suggests treating the shell by creating a moisture barrier on the outside of every wall plus the floor and the ceiling, as well as adding closed-cell foam insulation to prevent condensation buildup and mold.