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Wine Guardian CAB025 – Cabinet Cooling System 50HZ

  • *The cooling unit does not come with a cabinet.
  • Cabinet Cooling System
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The CAB25 is specifically designed to be integrated into wine cabinets to provide optimal temperature conditions for long-term wine preservation. Equipped with serving temperature abilities, the unit can also be adjusted to temperatures that are best for wine consumption.

The CAB25 is a 50Hz system, which is standard in the majority of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, & New Zealand. Unit capacity is up to 410W.

The Wine Guardian cabinet cooling system was specifically designed to be integrated into a wine cabinet. The system is a professional grade, self-contained climate control system for regulating the temperature of a wine cabinet, wine display, or wine showcase at either aging temperatures or any serving temperature (41-64°F / 5-18°C). This is the 50Hz model, view the CAB018 for the 60Hz version.

Model CAB025
Line Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity 0.22 – 0.455 kW
Volume 3 – 34 m³
Length 73.6 cm
Width 36.2 cm
Height 32.9 cm
Electrical 220-240/1/50
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Ductless/Ducted Ductless




Allows the system to control to an extended temperature range from 42°F to 64°F (5°C to 18°C). This option is ideal for single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms where consumption-temperature cooling is preferred. It also allows the user to rotate wine stock and change set point from season to season, making it ideal for restaurants, wine bars, clubs, etc.