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Wine Guardian CAB018 – Cabinet Cooling System 60HZ

  • *The cooling unit does not come with a cabinet.
  • Cabinet Cooling System
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The CAB018 is specifically designed to be integrated into wine cabinets to provide optimal temperature conditions for long-term wine preservation. Equipped with serving temperature abilities, the unit can also be adjusted to temperatures that are best for wine consumption.

The Wine Guardian cabinet cooling system was specifically designed to be integrated into a wine cabinet. The system is a professional grade, self-contained climate control system for regulating the temperature of a wine cabinet, wine display, or wine showcase at either aging temperatures or any serving temperature (41-64°F / 5-18°C). This is the 60Hz model, view the CAB25 for the 50Hz version.

Model CAB018
Line Frequency 60 Hz
Capacity 981 – 1950 BTU
Volume 100 – 1200 ft³
Length 28.96″
Width 14.24″
Height 12.97″
Electrical 115/1/60
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Ductless/Ducted Ductless



Allows the system to control to an extended temperature range from 42°F to 64°F (5°C to 18°C). This option is ideal for single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms where consumption-temperature cooling is preferred. It also allows the user to rotate wine stock and change set point from season to season, making it ideal for restaurants, wine bars, clubs, etc.



The Freestanding Humidifier is installed inside your wine space to provide optimal humidity for perfect long-term wine storage. The Humidifier can be controlled by your existing Wine Guardian controller.