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Scientist Invents The Perfect No-Spill Wine Bottle

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Wine Industry, Wine Lifestyle

A biophysicist from Brandeis University reveals the perfect wine bottle that will not waste a single drop. Daniel Perlman says it is all down to the neck and groove. Believe it or not, he conducted this research for three years with so much passion.

The Sun reported that Perlman studied a lot of slow motion videos of wine being poured for several hours. He eventually noticed that more liquid spills whenever a bottle was full. Moreover, the drip curls backward over the lip of the container.

Finally, he was able to address the main reason why such a terrible thing happens. Apparently, glass bottles are hydrophilic, which means they attract water. By just cutting a groove below the lip, Perlman successfully invented the no-spill wine bottle.

Previously, booze lovers get annoyed by the last dribble of liquid that runs down as they pour in the liquid into a glass. More often than not, the spill either gets into their hands or stains their clothes. While there are already products on the market meant to prevent the spillage, these devices are actually add-ons.

According to Perlman, he wanted to “change the bottle itself.” Fortunately, we did not plan to impose the additional costs of buying an accessory. The groove was measured at two millimeters (mm), just enough to capture the last drop before it spills over.

Additionally, per Independent, the 2mm furrow is capable of performing two simple but very useful tricks. First, it forces the liquor to fall directly into the glass. Second is that it allows the excess droplets to return to the bottle.

For those who are wondering, Perlman used a common diamond-cutting tool to create the circular dent. Sadly, there is still no official statement on whether the product will undergo mass production. Consequently, if ever it hits the market, no price range has been released.