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The Finer Details Of Our Designer Series Wine Racks

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Custom Wine Cellar, Wine Cellar, Wine Rack Kits

Why you should go “Designer”

Some of you who are not yet acquainted with it might be asking, “Why the Designer Series?” Well, we can give you plenty of reasons why! In fact, just last year, it was leading the pack, slightly ahead of Vintner which had always been the front-runner for our wine rack kits.

Why you should go "Designer"

One of the biggest reasons for the success of our Designer Series is the ability of the wine racking units to elevate “standard” racking to the look and feel of a custom project. The series is composed of a healthy assortment of racking styles that can easily outfit a room or a compact space. Moreover, the racks are easy to assemble and install which make them the smart choice for newbies. But despite the convenience in putting together the wine racks, one doesn’t have to compromise on style at all. Thanks to the variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options available as well as accents such, as the crown and base molding packages, even an entry-level wine cellar can sport an elegant and professional look.

Another reason why Designer has earned such a solid reputation as far as wine racks are concerned is the fantastic rating the series has gotten from customers who purchased the kits. Customers usually rate the wine racks based on quality, stability, ease of assembly, and price. Designer has scored really high on all these categories over the last couple of years. Most notable is the fact that customers have given the price of the series the highest rating, signifying that Designer provides the best value for their money.

Last but certainly not the least, the Designer Series, like all our other wine rack kits, is constantly evolving to meet future changing wine storage needs. We recommend checking out the full Designer Series product page and see all the reasons why you should go Designer.