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Crazy And Cool Commercial Racking Combos

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Commercial Wine Racks, Custom Wine Cellar, Wine Cellar

Commercial wine racking fever is on! Remember how we opened 2016 with a slew of custom and DIY commercial wine racking projects? The tradition Continues with these commercial racks combined to retail perfection

Name: Adam Dunefsky
Project # 254893
Wood: Prime Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1772
Where: Westchester, NY

As far as combining commercial wine racking products is concerned, today’s Tech Tuesday feature is definitely a winner. We give props to our design team for putting together this 1772-bottle capacity cellar that utilizes some of our most functional and flexible display units. The image above and the succeeding one below showcase some great angles of the Six Shelf Vertical Wine Display Bins combined with the super practical Wine Lockers.


Our Six Shelf Vertical Wine Display Bins were purposely designed to help establishments maximize wine label visibility. The shelf is configured in such a way that you have one wine bottle displayed prominently out front while leaving storage for four (4) more bottles behind each display. Also, in response to the evolving variety of wine bottles on the market today, we redesigned the distance between shelves to 15″ to allow for taller bottles.

As for the Wine Lockers, they have been gaining more popularity as of late, particularly in country clubs, wine stores, restaurants, bars, and public storage areas across the country. These secured wine locker storage racks have attractive metal lattice for open air circulation, as well as locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations or as one single key. Each column contains 5 locker compartments with a total bottle capacity of 60 per column. Presently, these lockers are now offered standard, by the column, to match the existing height of our other commercial wine display racks. They’re the perfect place to keep those expensive and rare vintages!

Circular Wine Carousel

In addition to the foregoing racking elements, this project also incorporated a Circular Wine Carousel that allows one to display up to 144 wine bottles in a compact area. The Carousal conveniently displays a total of 12 standard-sized bottles and stores 132, allowing one to optimize the available retail floor space. This commercial wine display easily rotates for the utmost of customer convenience.


Last but definitely not the least, this commercial project would not be complete without the space-efficient Individual Wine Bottle Racks and Vertical Bin POP (point-of-purchase) Displays. Note that there are quite a few variations utilized here such as the Triple Tier Maximzer Wine Display, Double Tier Wall Merchandiser, and Wine Display Island with Countertop.

Wine Display Racks

Go crazy and cool in your wine establishment with our plethora of commercial wine racks and displays. Chat with our talented team and get started on yours today! *Cheers*