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Cool Wine Cellar Design Ideas

by | May 4, 2015 | Contemporary Wine Cellar, Custom Wine Cellar, Residential Wine Racks, Wine Cellar

Design Ideas

Cool Wine Cellar ideas and photos. For inspiration, view popular wine storage ideas and see our extensive photo galleries of wine cellar projects for the home, basement, cellar, and for commercial clients.

 Modern Wine Cellar Design Ideas

Wine Pegs –   is available using either aluminum or chromed steel. If you have a modern house with contemporary interior designs, these designs are perfect!

Wine Cellar Ideas

Wine Cellar Ideas

Modern Contemporary Spiral Design – A unique cellar design for home owners who like to have a cellar secretly show but stunning. This cellar surely can definitely be a talk of the town once you invite your friends for a wine gathering.

contemporary  original

Project Management

Our experienced team will oversee the project through from design to completion, liaising with all necessary contractors, designers and architects to allow a smooth, well-managed and stress-free project.
Cool Wine Cellar  features a choice of climate-controlled solutions best suited to your property and collection including internal ducted coolers, split-systems with no ducting required as well as humidifiers, all built in and tailored to requirements.
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