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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Color Schemes For Your Wine Cellar

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Custom Wine Cellar, Wine Cellar, Wine Rack Kits

When we talk about “colors” on wine cellar projects, there are still lots of people who just think in terms of the generic shades of the color spectrum, along the lines of brown, gold, bronze, chrome, copper, and the like. Admittedly, these are the colors that make for elegant wine cellars. However, these hues have also become so “standard” that it’s a real challenge to achieve a unique look if you just stick to them. In these more modern times, wine cellars have also evolved as far as color schemes are concerned. Adding pops of color into your project gives it a fresh new appeal – here are some ideas to help you out:

Muted pastels

Old-country charm in muted pastels

Let’s start at the soft end of the color spectrum. If you guys can recall, we once did a post on how to achieve a shabby-chic look for your wine cellars. This involved the use of muted pastel tones and lots of patterns, mostly floral ones. The desired effect is that old-country charm, reminiscent of storybook cottages. If this is the color scheme you want for your wine cellar, choose wood types that have naturally light shades like Premium Redwood, White Cedar, White Poplar, Fir, Spruce, Birch, and other similar varieties. You can either stain or lacquer them as well and really bring out the softer hues with light-colored stains. Best accents to match would be Hand-Painted Tile floors, Corian or Cork countertops, recessed LED Downlights, and wine cellar art in palette knife or brush work.

Modern vibe

Modern vibe in bold swatches

Now if you’re the type who prefers a modern feel to your wine cellar, do not be afraid to shy away from the neutrals and earth tones. It’s time to explore bold swatches, starting with your wood and stain and finish options. We have a growing collection of wine cellars utilizing darker-colored stains such as Dark Walnut Stain, Midnight Black Stain, and Dark Weathered Finish. These are usually coupled with glass elements such as glass doors and/or panels, or etchings. Also, instead of wood wine racks, you can opt for metal ones to really go all out on the modern vibe.

Whitewash finish

New England appeal in whitewash finish

A unique style that has been recently been emerging not just with home renovations but with wine cellar projects as well is the New England charm brought about by “whitewash finish.” Whitewash is a versatile finish that complements the clean, open themes of modern décor as well as the seaside appeal of old New England. We recommend working with stone materials on this one to really accentuate that whitish cast on the wine racking assembly.