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Fusion ST Wine Wall
Cork-Out (27 Bottles)
White Acrylic – 3 Foot


  • Dimension – 14″ W * 36′ H
  • White Acrylic Wine Panel
  • Bottles Capacity – 27 Bottles
  • Straight Cork Out Display
  • Colors – Matte Black, Brushed Aluminum, Satin Aluminum
  • Optional LED space behind the faceplate
  • The flexibility to add an extra panel in any direction
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What is the Fusion Wine Wall Panel?

We offer two styles in this Fusion DIY wine wall panel line: Label-Out Wine Wall Rack & Cork-Out Wine Wall Rack. The cork-out wine rack utilizes our brushed aluminum ST wine peg and secures bottles with the neck facing outward. The Fusion ST Cork Out Wine Rack will maximize your storage capacity, while our Fusion HZ Label Out Wine Rack showcases off your labels.

What colors are available for the Fusion Wine Wall Panel?

Choose from three different faceplate finishes: Aluminum, Black Acrylic, Dark Stain.

Illuminated Light Displays Are Now Easier Than Ever.

The recessed faceplate option features a perfectly spaced area on the backside of the faceplate, which is made ready for LED lighting placement. If you are interested in adding LED lights to your display, choose the recessed option.

What other Fusion Wine Wall Panel options are there?

We offer Fusion Wine Wall Cork-Out panels with 3 different faceplates: AlumasteelBlack Acrylic, and Dark-Stained Wood

We also offer Fusion Wine Wall Label-Out panels with 3 different faceplates: AlumasteelBlack Acrylic, and Dark-Stained Wood..

Ultra Fusion Wine Walls are the latest in modern wall wine storage.

Imagine a world where you can display your wines in your living room, kitchen, dining room, man cave, basement bar, or any other room in your house. Picture being able to pick and choose any configuration of wall-mounted wine rack panels that you wanted—cork-out, label-out, in any color or depth you desired. Guess what? You live in that world. Fusion panels bring your wines out of the cellar and into your home, where all the world can admire them (and you can reach them easily). Make your home an Ultra home with Ultra Fusion panels.