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Messy Pantry Turned “Wine Pantry” Thanks To Vintner

What we really enjoy the most about DIY wine racking projects is how they reflect the creativity of our customers. We love how people find so many unique ways to utilize our racking products and surprising us with interesting results every time. In fact, it’s probably one of the more clever DIYs we’ve seen so we’re pretty stoked to showcase it.

Now our client Dave had a small pantry in his home that he wanted to transform into a proper storage for his pilot collection. This is what it looked like before the major transformation process began:

wine pantry wine racks

Pretty messy, huh? But let’s not write that cluttered pantry off just yet because Dave certainly didn’t. He saw potential in this compact space and after browsing the CWC website, he found just the racks to help him achieve his goal. He sent in for our Individual Bottle Columns with Top Display Row and Bottom Display Row from the Vintner Series wine racks kit and with a dash of creativity and pinch of imagination, worked them out into that messy space. The result? Check out his fully completed Wine Pantry!

wine racks

“Thank you for following up on my order.  The wine racks worked out great.  Many of my friends love the way my little Wine Pantry project worked out.  I know this is not the normal small scale of business your company aims for but I have to say it looks great turning a small pantry into a wine pantry.  Although I do have space downstairs in the basement, I was looking for something a little more accessible but could store a few hundred bottles and your products worked perfectly.  I did cut a 3 col rack into thirds to get the top piece complete but it was well worth it for the magnum bottles.  Assembly was very easy and straight forward.  I had six different pieces I assembled and by the time I finished I was putting sections together in less than 15 min.  I used decorative screws instead of my nail gun because I wanted a little bit of a different look.  Had I used a nail gun it would have been even easier, for I pre-drilled each hole so I wouldn’t split the wood of the wine racks.  I have attached before and after pictures of my project which my friends loving call the Wine Pantry.  I of course have told them where I purchased the kits because of the customer support and ease of installation.”

~Dave M.~

wine rack assembly