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3000S Mini Split Sound Performance

CellarPro Mini Split 3000S vs. WhisperKool Mini Split
Noise Comparison (Decibels)

Whisperkool Mini Split

Whisperkool’s Mini Split system cools up to 500 cubic feet with the compressor located in a remote location and the evaporator (cold side) mounted in the cellar. When planning for a new wine cellar, one of the first items that should be considered is the cooling system. The variety of choices available can be daunting and many will not be suitable for your particular wine cellar. Read on to learn about the different types of systems available, how they are installed and learn which one will work best for you. Keep in mind that this is a rough guide and confirming your choice with a wine cellar professional is always a good idea before making an investment in any equipment.

CellarPro Design: 
– Sleek Black Powdercoated Finish
– Custom Gunmetal Gray Grill
– Choice of Single or Dual Power Source
– Choice of Electronic or Valve Control
– Mounting Brackets Included
– Access Knockouts: Top, Left, Right, Rear
– Drain Knockouts: Bottom, Left, Right, Rear
– Fan Guard Protection
– Tested and Certified to UL Standards
– Serviceable in the Field

WhisperKool Design: 
– Brown Powdercoated Finish
– Single Power Source
– Valve Control
– Mounting Brackets Included
– Access and Drain Knockouts: Rear, Bottom
– No Fan Guard (Condensing Unit)
– No Certification
– Serviceable in the Field



At the low fan speed, CellarPro’s Mini Split 3000S wine cellar refrigeration system is similarly quiet and 64%* more powerful than WhisperKool’s Mini Split. With variable-speed fans in the evaporator unit, CellarPro’s Mini Split 3000S offers additional BTUH at the medium and high fan speeds, when hot conditions require extra cooling power.

Test Conditions:

  • CellarPro decibel measurements were recorded three feet from the wine cooling unit.
  • CellarPro’s Mini Split 3000S offers three variable-speed settings – Low, Medium and High – to meet variable cooling needs and ambient conditions. Decibel measurements were recorded at all three fan settings and displayed in the above chart.
  • WhisperKool’s decibel measurements were derived from

*This calculation is based on the compressors’ BTUH published ratings, which are 3170 and 1930 for CellarPro’s Mini Split 3000S (Danfoss: HCG0025R6ELQSB) and WhisperKool’s Mini Split (Emerson: M2FH-0020-IAA-140), respectively.