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Wine Bottle Grommet – Sold in sets of 6 units (6 bottles)



The Kessick Wine Bottle Grommet is designed to fit into a specifically cut hole in any ¾” wood panel or substrate for the purpose of securely storing and displaying 750 ml wine shaped bottles. The ‘bottle grommet’ is inserted into the substrate hole and a wine bottle is placed on/into the grommet for the purpose of securely holding the wine bottle for display and storage. There are six Bottle Grommet units per pack.

Applications include:

  • integration into retail store fixture displays
  • slide-out, fixed and adjustable shelves for cabinetry
  • professional design of unique wine storage and display
  • DIY wine storage and display for residential

The Kessick Wine Bottle Grommet can be installed in a wide variety of orientations including neck-out label forward and display row limited only by the cut-out hole in the ¾” substrate. Cut-out and be done using CNC router, hand router with guide or hand cut using drill and jigsaw. See the cut-out requirements on back for dimensional requirements and specifications.

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