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VINdustry Wine Pegs & Panel Kit – 3 Foot Tall Rectangular


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VINdustry Wine Pegs & Panel Kit

VINdustry Wall Mounted Wine Pegs take our popular pegs to the next level! No more worries about backing in the wall. Panels can be mounted to drywall with provided anchors (or onto a wood surface without using the anchors). These modular kits are also a much more affordable alternative to custom wall cladding or panel fabrication.

Assembly and installation are a breeze! Check out the installation video in the "Specs & Installation" tab to see how it's done.

Turn up the wow factor by adding lighting! Rectangular VINdustry panels can have perimeter LED lighting added to achieve a glowing effect. Learn more.

Start by choosing your face panel finish: modern white gloss or black gloss acrylic. Note that all face panels are mounted to a back panel with a visible black edge.

Next, choose your peg depth and finishes. Go with single deep VINdustry wine pegs for storing up to 9 x 750ml bottles, double deep for 18 x 750ml bottles, or triple deep for 27 x 750ml bottles.

Then, choose from 7 high-end peg finishes. Standard finishes include natural milled aluminum, black anodized, satin gold, and bright gold with black rings. All of these finishes feature rubber rings with the exception of the satin gold. New updated finishes without rubber rings including matte black, polished aluminum, and gold. These new finishes are now in stock!

Pair multiple Mounted Wine Pegs together to create wider or taller displays. Panels can be butted together or spaced apart, depending on the look you are going for. Combine with curved VINdustry pegs and panel kits to build the most creative wine displays.

Product Assembly Instructions

Height  36"
 Width 14"
Depth (Panel + Pegs)
1 Bottle Deep = 4 1/4"
2 Bottles Deep = 8"
3 Bottles Deep = 11 3/4"
Bottle Storage Capacity 1 Bottle Deep = 9 x 750ml
2 Bottles Deep = 18 x 750ml wine bottle
3 Bottles Deep = 27 x 750ml wine bottleNote: Maximum bottle diameter is 3 3/8". Magnums, Champagnes or oversized 750ml bottles will not fit vertically between pegs.


LED Lighting Around VINdustry Wine Panel Kit

Add lighting to Your VINdustry Wine Pegs & Panel installation for a serious wow-factor!  | Download Instruction Package


Design your Own Creative Layout

VINdustry Wine Pegs and Panel Kits Can be combined to create larger wine wall displays or to rack an entire wine cellar. See some examples below:


Above: 8 x 3 Foot Rectangular Kit


Above: 8 x 3 Foot Rectangular Kit

Above: 10 x 3 Foot Rectangular Kit

Above: 4 x Curved Kit + 2 x 3 Foot Rectangular Kit


Above: 4 x Curved Kit

Above: 2 x Curved Kit


Additional information


White Gloss, Black Gloss


Matte Black, Polished Aluminum, Gold


Single Bottle (9 x 750ml), Double Bottle (18 x 750ml), Triple Bottle (27 x 750ml)


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New Panel Finishes

Metalic Silver

Metalic Gold


Dark Walnut

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