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Metal Wall Hanging Wine Rack

CAPACITY 64 bottles
WIDTH 23 1/4 inches
DEPTH 8 3/4 inches
HEIGHT 96 to 99 inches


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Convenient, shallow, and easy to install, the RTM gives you a complete view of your bottles.

Featuring a minimalist, contemporary design, the RTM Metal Wall Hanging Wine Rack is a bottle column designed to bring a touch of elegance to your space. It comprises a floor-to-ceiling stud plus two RTM16 modules stacked on the other on both side, offering a versatile solution for storing wine bottles. With a depth designed to accommodate two bottles, it can be used independently or as a complement to an existing wine cellar.

The RTM Quatro is sturdy and attractive. It is made from aluminum and has a black powder-coated finish. We recommend mounting it in a solid material to ensure stability. The RTM Duo is supplied in a box, and assembly is required for installation. Made in Canada.


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