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Wine Guardian Cooling Unit

3,300 to 5,500 Cubic Feet


  • 15,680
  • Dimensions: Length: 50″ , Width: 22.5″ , Height: 19″
  • Ideal for medium to large residential and commercial specialty applications.
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Wine Guardian PRO DP200 cooling units are engineered for maximum versatility, efficiency, and ease of use when it comes to storing and aging wine. From distributors to refrigeration wholesalers to HVAC installation professionals, the Wine Guardian Pro series makes installation, customization, and maintenance of our solutions—for commercial or larger residential applications—seamless. Once the units are in place, the process of getting the systems up and running has been engineered with ease in mind.

Wine Guardian PRO DP200 Installation

The Wine Guardian Pro series has a number of features that facilitate a straightforward installation. First, the multi-panel design makes it possible to custom configure the setup for a particular application through up to three ductwork connections. The easy plug-and-play design with a power cord standard in all units. Moreover, the primary power, controls, drain, and water connections are centralized for an efficient utility connection in all Wine Guardian Pro Ducted systems.

Wine Guardian PRO DP200 Customization

Wine Guardian Pro units utilize 24-volt electronics and are Wi-Fi compatible. These features allow for simple integration with today’s smart homes or commercial building management systems. Additionally, while our standard units can be customized at the time of ordering with high- or low-ambient protection, the Pro series comes with these options built right in. An integral electric heater is another way the Pro series can be customized depending on where a client is storing their wine or valuables. In addition, the Pro series is robust enough to accommodate the retrofitting of a humidifier should a customers’ needs change after purchase.


  • 24-volt electronics for integration with today’s smart thermostats and building management systems
  • High- and low-pressure safety switches
  • Refrigerant sight glass, filter drier, and access ports
  • Duct collar connections
  • Low ambient protection
  • High ambient protection (on limited models)
  • 5-year compressor warranty


  • Utility piping in one easily accessible location
  • Multiple evaporator and condenser outlet locations (Any of three sides)
  • Easily mountable in floor, ceiling, or wall applications
  • Duct collars on supply & return and intake & exhaust


  • Aluminum body and all-aluminum evaporator coils (fins & tubes) are corrosion-resistant
  • Standard high static pressure fan for extended lengths of ductwork
  • Completely serviceable in the field

Unique Options

  • Bolt-on humidifier
  • Electric heat
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled
Cooling Air-cooled, Water-cooled
btu 8000 – 14100 BTU/h
kilowatts 2.32 – 4.13 Kilowatts
Width: 50″
Height: 18″
Depth: 22″
Weight: 200lbs
Room Capacity: 3000 to 5500 cu. ft.
BTU: 15,200
Electrical: 230v/1ph/60hz