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Wine as Art
Coral Gables Under Stairs


The Coral Gables Wine Rack Under Stairs,  Wine Wall Panel is a wall-mounted panel’ that has a capacity of 64 bottles. Wine is stored on the Wine Rack Under Stairs Panel in a double-deep, label-forward format.

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The space under the stairs is typically an accessible space that’s hard to utilize. These areas are often great places to store and display wine in the home.

The Coral Gables Under Stairs Wine Art Wall Panel is a wall-mounted ‘Wine Wall’ that has a capacity of 64 bottles. Wine is stored on Wine Art Post hardware in a double deep, label forward format.

This design is unique because the wall panel system is configured at a 37-degree angle to match the most common stair geometry. The design is available in a left or right orientation. If you need a different angle or size to meet your specific staircase, fill out the custom design form and reference this design.

Just select your panel option and hardware color to customize this design. You can also paint, stain or paper unfinished wood panels to match your space.

  • Size: 56” wide x 52.5” high x 1.5” deep, 37 degree angle
  • Wine Wall consists of four vertical panels installed over four horizontal back panels. See installation instructions for more details.
  • Storage type: Wine Posts – Label Forward, 2 deep
  • Bottle capacity: 64
  • Accessories: NA
  • Panel Depth with Wine As Art Hardware: 8.5”
  • Panel Depth with wine: +/- 14”
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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