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Fusion Panel Wine Rack
White Acrylic(9 Bottles)


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Key Features

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Ultra Fusion cork-out panels are modern wall wine storage systems that look sleek and save space. If you want to store a few of your favorite bottles within easy reach, Fusion cork-out panels have got you covered. They’re a breeze to install and can be arranged in any configuration you can imagine. You can swap out faceplates with ease, allowing you to create your own unique bottle arrangements even with limited wall space.

Why is the Fusion Cork-Out panel right for you?

Fancy label-out wine storage systems most certainly dominate the world of wine racking. Yet there’s still a lot to be said for the perennially popular cork-out configuration. It saves space and has a minimalist look.

We designed the Fusion panels to be modern wall wine storage systems. The Fusion straight-peg cork-out panel maximizes wine storage space in kitchens, dining rooms, and living areas. This design makes a bold statement that will complement any room in your home or business but won’t use up your entire wall. Fusion cork-out panels maintain consistent bottle spacing as you expand your wine racking system in any direction. And they’re able to hold a range of bottle sizes, from a half-bottle to a magnum.

Want to design your own modern wall wine storage system? Of course, you do.

The greatest thing about Fusion panels is that they are an iterative design: you can start with just one, and then build your own one-of-a-kind wine display from there. Choose faceplates of different materials (Alumasteel and Black Acrylic, for example) to really make your display stand out. All our Fusion Cork-Out panels blend together and maintain consistent bottle spacing for a clean and flush appearance.

Want to swap out faceplates? Easy as 1-2-3.

We’ve designed our panels so it’s easy to change out the faceplates. You don’t even need to reinstall the entire panel. Just order some new faceplates from our website and remove the pegs from your panels. Install the new faceplates and reinstall the pegs. BAM! Totally new wine display.

How many bottles does the Fusion Cork-Out panel hold?

One Cork-Out panel can hold up to 9 bottles. Buy more panels for additional storage. For more storage options, you can also view our Fusion Cork-Out Panel Bundles and get 10% off!

What other Fusion panel options are there?

We offer Fusion Cork-Out panels with 3 different faceplates: AlumasteelBlack Acrylic, and Dark-Stained Wood.

We also offer Fusion Label-Out panels with 3 different faceplates: AlumasteelBlack Acrylic, and Dark-Stained Wood.

Ultra Fusion panels are the latest in modern wall wine storage.

Imagine a world where you can display your wines in your living room, kitchen, dining room, man cave, basement bar, or any other room in your house. Picture being able to pick and choose any configuration of wall-mounted wine rack panels that you wanted—cork-out, label-out, in any color or depth you desired. Guess what? You live in that world. Fusion panels bring your wines out of the cellar and into your home, where all the world can admire them (and you can reach them easily). Make your home an Ultra home with Ultra Fusion panels.