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Conservation Angled Shelf

Dimensions: 14 ″ W × 13.5 ″ D× 4.25 ″ H
Bottles: 8

Width: 27″
Dimensions: 27″ W× 13.5 ″ D × 4.25 ″H
Bottles: 13

Width: 41”
Dimensions: 41 ″ W × 13.5 ″ D× 4.25 ″ H
Bottles: 3

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A modular storage system par excellence, the Frontenac is a real fortress for your bottles.

Made of aluminum, it is the perfect mix of robustness and elegance. It allows for impressive arrangement possibilities as well as great flexibility in the presentation of the bottles. Ideal for the wine cabinet or glass wine cellar, its configurations are suitable for both small and large spaces.

FTIC-14, FTIC-27 and FTIC-41

The conservation angled shelf highlights the bottles by laying them down and slightly tilted forward.

To be used with standard shelf brackets FK-2AT.

Supplied in box, assembly required.



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