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Evolution Double Sided Island Display Rack Max 3C (freestanding metal wine rack)



44-3/4” tall x 41” wide x 25-3/4” deep
Bottle capacity- 144

55-3/4” tall x 41” wide x 25-3/4 ”deep
Bottle capacity- 180

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With bottle capacity right to the top of the display, the Max configuration packs in the storage capacity without sacrificing look in any way. The entire display is filled with label-forward bottle storage to make this innovative rack an evolving work of art. This double-sided unit can serve as a wine cellar centerpiece or create remarkable retail aisles.

Evolution Island Display Rack

With a design panache befitting of a Manhattan penthouse, the Evolution Island Display Rack provides freestanding style perfect for tony real estate or boutique retail floors. By borrowing the sophisticated style of the Evolution Wine Wall, we create an elegant floor wine rack that allows for the storage of standard and magnum bottles in the same row.

Available in single- or double-sided variations, three (3) unique styles — max capacity, presentation row, or shelf — and two (2) heights, the possibilities are endless. Scale to fit your space with Expansion Kits.