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CellarPro 100W Heating Element and Thermostat


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CellarPro RETROFIT Compressor Heater AH (P/N 18179). When the cooling unit is exposed to cold temperatures or sits idle for extended periods, the refrigerant in the compressor can migrate into the crankcase oil when the compressor is not running. On startup, this can cause excessive motor wear and a loss of refrigeration efficiency. The compressor heater protects the compressor from damage in cold conditions below 40F.

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CellarPro 100W Heating Element and Thermostat (P/N 27318). Designed to be paired with our 2000VS or 1800XTSr cooling units, our 100W heating element and thermostat will turn on when the thermostat detects cold water in the pan, and will burn off condensate in the pan to reduce or eliminate condensate flow through the drain line.

Please note: This item will work only in 110V environments.

Brand: CellarPro

Size: 10 feet (drain line)

1 Year

Condensate drain lines are strongly recommended for wine cellar installations of 1800 Series wine cooling units in humid environments with 110V power and/or when the drain line cannot be used. This item MUST be factory-installed – it cannot be retrofitted in the field.

  • 100W internal heating element
  • Works in 110V environments
  • Designed to be paired with our 2000VS Series or 1800XTSr