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Cable Wine Rack System Premium 6-24 Bottles


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The Contemporary Wine Cellar presents a unique Cable Wine Rack System solution featuring durable stainless steel tension cables and sturdy brass clamps available in brushed nickel or chrome finishes. This innovative design creates a captivating illusion of suspended bottles, offering a visually striking display. Not only does it showcase the bottle labels prominently, but it also ensures easy accessibility and organization. For added personalization, customers have the option to tailor their wine cellar experience. Explore features such as angled bottle displays, accent lighting, and the inclusion of floating shelves.

This Cable Wine Rack System is comprised of quality stainless steel cable and chromed solid brass connecting clamps and tension mounts. Available in Chrome, Satin Black, Silver Pearl, and Satin Gold. The CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ wine racking accommodates the widest variety of bottle shapes and sizes and can also be assembled to meet customer preferences in regards to bottle spacing and/or positioning. Floating shelves or angled displays can also be added for additional interest and appeal.



  • The Cable Wine System stands out as an optimal selection for your wine cellar, presenting a multitude of advantages.
  • Experience enhanced visibility of wine labels, enabling you to strategically position bottles with lower labels facing up and upper labels facing down.
  • Effortlessly locate bottles within any row or column without disrupting the system’s arrangement. The well-designed cables and bottle spacing contribute to a consistent storage temperature, promoting continuous airflow on all sides.
  • This system is versatile, accommodating a broader range of bottle shapes and sizes compared to traditional racks. Furthermore, the Cable Wine System minimizes minor vibrations that could potentially impact the quality of aged wine


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FINISH Satin Black, Chrome, Satin Gold, Silver Pearl


Additional information


Satin Black, Chrome, Satin Gold, Silver Pearl


6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24


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