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STACT Is The Coolest Way To Store Your Wine, And It’ll Save You Space

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Contemporary Wine Cellar, Residential Wine Racks, Wine Cellar, Wine Rack Kits

by Brittney Morgan for House Beautiful


If you’re someone who always has the perfect bottle of wine on hand, you know how quickly your wine collection can outgrow your wine rack. And if you live in a small space, you know just how much room those wine racks can actually take up. Add all of that together, and storing your wine in an organized fashion can become a major challenge. But that’s where the brand new STACT Pro system comes in.


The STACT Pro system launched today (Dec. 5) and it’s basically the most accessible and versatile wine storage system you can buy. It’s comprised of 5 different interchangeable panels that work on a track system on your wall, and it allows you to display your wine—not to mention, a whole lot more than wine—however you choose.

One panel, for example, allows you to store bottles with the cork facing outwards, while another allows you to store them sideways to display the labels. Another panel is designed to let you show off your favorite stemware, and a fourth panel serves as a shelf for more wine or barware, or things like books and decorative items. The fifth panel option is a plain, attachment-free expansion panel to help you further customize your STACT system. Panels come in 3 colors (Silver, Space Gray, and BlackOut) and run between $69.99 and $99.99.

With this new wine rack system, you can store up to 10.67 bottles per square foot, according to STACT. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and comes ready to install straight from the box—which also means that, if your wine stash grows, your wine rack can grow with you.