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3000S / 3000Scm / 3000Sqc: Sizing Table – Wine Cellars 400-600 cubic ft

CellarPro Cooling Systems Split 3000S / 3000Scm / 3000Sqc Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

55°F Cooling Capacity1

CellarPro Cooling Systems Split 3000S / 3000Scm Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

60°F Cooling Capacity1


The upper table shows how the CellarPro mini-split 3000S/Scm refrigeration unit will work at maintaining 55°F, the lower table at maintaining 60°F inside the wine cellar using various fan speeds and under different thermal loads. The thermal loads are derived from assumptions about the size of the cellar; the R-value in the six cellar surfaces (ie walls, floor and ceiling) and the ambient temperature outside the cellar. CellarPro mini-split 3000S/Scm refrigeration units are designed to maintain optimal wine storage temperatures in wine cellars with adequate insulation, and can be operated with the condenser exposed to conditions up to 110°F.

For more information, click on the 3000S/Scm mini-split performance and test data.

(1) The thermal loads above are calculated based on the R-Values shown for all walls and ceiling, and a concrete floor. Lower R-Values in the cellar (eg from glass doors) will increase the thermal load on the wine cellar and will require the cooling unit to operate at higher fan speeds. Warmer climates require higher insulation to enable the cooling unit to operate at lower fan speeds. To be certain that the thermal load won’t exceed the capacity of the cooling unit, email your wine cellar specifications to us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Cells shaded blue indicate loads that exceed the capacity of the cooling units shown in this table.