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Torrefied Poplar Wine Racks

Model: CIDI24
Dimensions: 171/2″ W × 9″ D × 30″ H
Bottles: 24

Model: CIDI40
Dimensions: 17 1/2″ W × 9″ D × 45″ H
Bottles: 40

Model: CIDI48
Dimensions: 35″ W × 9″ D × 30″ H
Bottles: 48

Model: CIDI80
Dimensions: 35″ W × 9″ D × 45″ H
Bottles: 80

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The Classic LVG collection of high-end torrefied wood racks consists of more than 40 different modules.

This type of wine rack is a practical and economical solution for organized storage, easy access and multiple layout possibilities. Made of torrefied poplar, the Classic LVG racks promise a safe environment for storing your bottles. This all-natural technology provides the wood with protection against warping, splitting, mold and fungus, as well as exceptional mechanical properties.

CIDI24, CIDI40, CIDI48 and CIDI80

Freestanding modular wine rack, easy to stack to create complete arrangements. Wall mounting with an anchor for more solidity (a 5/8” gap between the wall and the rack is required). To be used with bases  BM-96, 35 or 17.5 for more stability and a neat finish.



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